Strategy, research and planning

Too many businesses allow their web designer to design a website for them based on guesswork. Even the most experienced web designer needs to get to know your business and your customers before making recommendations.

I believe the strategy, research and planning phase of any website - whether small or large - is the most important phase of the whole project.  Without it, nobody can tell you whether your website will be a success for you.

Content and copywriting

Your website will only perform well if it contains compelling content which is written to satisfy the needs of both your customers and search engines.  Gone are the days when it was possible to make a website a success without giving time and effort to your website content.

Good content is imperative for any new website, and it can also rescue an old website.  I will work with you to ensure your website content is fit for purpose and sets your business up to achieve your objectives.

Web design and development

Even though my approach to web design is different to that of many other web designers, a well-designed, well-built website is still essential to any project.  I have over 20 years' experience planning, designing and developing websites for businesses of all sizes - from start-ups to international brands.

Rest assured that I am also committed to great customer service, both when designing your website initially and then working with you to make it a success in the months and years afterwards.


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When I'm not copywriting for my own clients' websites, I spend my time blogging about web design for businesses.

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