Eleven years ago, had someone told me that over the course of the next decade I was going to leave my job at a digital agency after working there for nearly ten years, form my own agency with two friends and then build it to a healthy £2m+ turnover and 40+ employees, only to then sell the business and move to the West Country with my wife and three children and then started a new web agency in Devon… I’d have looked at you and said “sounds pretty good to me”.

If you had said that, I’d also now be asking you to pick my lottery numbers this week, because you’d have been exactly right and clearly have some kind of psychic powers.

As it is, I write this in my office at my new house in Devon contemplating a fresh start in life and business. New beginnings.

The long and short of it is, my wife and I fell in love with a house in rural Devon just over two years ago. We ploughed our life savings (and a bit more) into renovating it and we’re in the first few months of now living here as a family.  We’re loving every minute of it, if we’re honest.

Rather than commute to Oxfordshire and back every week, we made the decision to sell our shares in our old web design agency and so, this website and the business it presents is me starting again.  Think Write Design is my new web agency in Devon and, as of January 2017, I’m officially open for business.

What’s going to be interesting over the next few months, is that unlike when I started a web design business eleven years ago, I’m completely new to the area.  So, in the same way as it’s currently challenging when we need to work out where we can buy everyday essentials from – I spent a few hours on Sunday looking for someone who could sell me some chainsaw oil, for example – I’m also going to have to start with a blank canvas when it comes to building up a business network and finding some clients.

Therefore, in this blog, I’m hoping to write about not only topics that will be helpful to businesses looking for good digital strategy, copywriting or a web agency in Devon, but also the trials and tribulations of a complete ‘newbie’ to the area trying to get his name known and start building a new business.