When we bought our new house and decided that I would start a new web design business in Devon from it, rather than commuting back to my old ‘job’ in Oxfordshire, we always knew that we were going to have to accept a slower broadband connection in Devon than we’ve been used to previously.

The house we’ve bought is about 3 miles from the nearest telephone exchange and numerous searches on the Connecting Devon & Somerset website since we bought the property have been enough to tell us that it’s likely to be some time before we see anything close to a fast connection.  We live in hope they might decide to install fibre here at some point over the next few years.

When you’re a web designer, short of your laptop bursting into flames, the only thing that can stop you in your tracks is if your broadband connection dies.

So, its fair to say that the two months since we moved into our new house have been at little trying in this respect because, it wasn’t until last week that we had any broadband connection at all.

Now, having moved house a few times in my life already, it comes as no surprise that BT can be a little difficult to deal with at times, but on this occasion, we really have been dragged through the proverbial. Due to what seems to be a unique set of circumstances relating to the property we bought, it’s location (and the lack of a decent ADSL connection) and an almighty cock-up between EE (who bill us for our broadband connection) and BT (who provide the line it comes into the house on), between my wife and I, we think we’ve spent something like a whole working week on the phone over the course of the last two months trying to get the situation fixed.  We’re now black-belt customer service call centre ninjas.

Seven BT engineers and some of the most senior technical people at both EE and BT have been involved to work out what the problem was.   They finally managed it (or, so it seems given I’m writing this on the new broadband connection) but it’s been painful to say the least.

What I have managed to prove, however, is that is is just about possible to form a web design business in Devon and create a website for it whilst tethered to a mobile phone with 1 bar of 3G connection.  Although, it’s not quick and I wouldn’t recommend it to anyone who doesn’t have the patience of a saint!